Does My Policy Cover a Water Main Break?

Homeowners Insurance and WaterlinesWhy Your Homeowners Insurance Policy May Not Cover Water Mains

As the rains continue to make its way in, it becomes increasingly more important for homeowners to become aware of ways to protect their homes. In doing so, you must confirm coverage of your homeowners’ insurance policy. Unfortunately, having the policy is not enough, as you must know exactly what is covered and what is excluded in order to be fully protected.

A common misconception many homeowners hold is that there homeowner’s insurance policy will provide all water mains and waterlines with coverage. If your neighborhood depends on the use of water mains to deliver water to each home through spur lines, your home may be vulnerable to damage, and you may be left with a lack of coverage. Your homeowners’ insurance policy will only cover certain water damage inside the home, not damage caused by a break in the pipes of the water main that runs under your street. Therefore, you may be leaving your home vulnerable to great harm. In order to receive coverage for this disaster, you must obtain a separate, exclusive policy altogether.

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