Preventing Ice Buildup On Your Roof

Homeowners and Ice Buildup on RoofsProtect Your Home By Using These Tips

As winter is in full swing, you have probably put a good deal of thought into how to protect your vehicle on the icy roadways and yourself in the chilly temperatures. Have you, however, also considered protecting your home? While it offers protection to you, you should prevent it from having to bear the weight of a snow-packed roof. To prevent ice dams—which can lead to snow buildup, water damage and even collapsed roofs—use these tips.

  1. Remove snow buildup on your roof with your two feet placed firmly on the ground by investing in a snow rake. This device can help you pull snow from your roof, but be sure you always pull in the direction of your roof’s slope as moving crosswise can damage your roofing materials.
  2. Make sure your attic is properly insulated.
  3. If you notice ice building up, fill a long sock with sidewalk salt. Lay it across the ice and let it break down the obstruction for you.

Should the worst happen and ice buildup cause damage to your home, do you have the homeowners insurance you need to complete the repairs? Contact Perry & Carroll to secure the homeowners insurance your house deserves. Do not leave your home exposed to the winter weather without protection; call us today.