Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Safe & Memorable

Holiday Traveling TipsThe holiday season is here! Whether you are busy planning your holiday traveling plans or getting the house ready for the family to arrive, it is imperative that you partake in safety habits. We want your holiday season to be nothing short of amazing, which is why we have gathered some important holiday traveling tips and safe driving tips:

Holiday Traveling Tips:

  • Prepare your route and traveling schedule ahead of time to account for the heavily congested roads. We recommend leaving an hour earlier in most instances.
  • If you will be flying, try to arrange your flight for the early morning so that you do not get stuck behind delayed flights.
  • Partake in flu preventative measures so that the common cold or flu does not ruin your travel plans. This means washing your hands even more than usual and using hand sanitizer regularly.

Holiday Safe Driving Tips:

  • Unfortunately, far too many individuals partake in drinking and driving during the holidays. If you will be drinking, it is important that you realize you are not in the clear to drive.
  • If you know someone has been drinking, do not let him or her drive. If they insist, it is better to call the authorities than risk them injuring himself or herself or someone else.
  • Since you cannot control the actions of others, try to avoid driving during the late hours of the evening when there may be an increased presence of intoxicated drivers.
  • Most importantly, report any drunk drivers to the authorities. It can save a life!

Happy Holidays! We hope these helpful safety tips make for an amazing and memorable holiday season! Contact Perry & Carroll for all of your insurance needs. We strive to go above and beyond to provide you with the protection you deserve in all realms of your life.