Essential Spring Gardening Tips

Essential Spring Gardening TipsSpring is steadily approaching. Does your yard look the part?

Plants are still in their hibernation period and have not yet begun to grow. Should you decide to wait until the perfect weather, you might find yourself in a losing battle against fully grown shrubs and grasses. It is way easier to do maintenance when the perennials have not yet awoken. If you want to be ahead of schedule and get your spring garden ready for the warmer weather, follow this checklist to fix up your garden before it’s too late.

  1. Spring cleaning

Depending on where you live, the winter may not be the best time to do outdoor yard work. In fact, for most places, the winter is a rather stagnant time for plants and there may not be any necessary work for you to do. Cleaning up leaves and debris from your garden keeps it clear of mold and rot, that may not hurt your garden, but it definitely doesn’t look nice.

  1. Shrub trimming and pruning

Check to see if there’s any tears on twigs and branches and snip those right off. It is easier for the plant to regrow from a clean cut, rather that a rough tear. If any buds are blooming before the threat of frost is gone, be sure to prune those! They’ll regrow just in time, trust us.

  1. Maintain edges

A good haircut never leaves split ends or uneven edges. Likewise, a garden and yard should have trimmed edges to give it crisp and fresh lines. Use an edging tool to trim the grass edge you keep your garden and yard neatly in their place.

Keep your garden the freshest on the block with these essential spring gardening tips. Another important part of maintaining your home through the seasons is carrying the right New York homeowners insurance policy. To get the coverage your home should have, contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira today!