Water and Sewer Backup Coverage

Elmira Water and Sewer Backup CoverageThe standard homeowners’ insurance policy is very specific about which types of water damage it chooses to cover. Despite popular homeowner belief, your homeowners’ insurance policy will likely not cover water damage caused by sewer backup or water backup.

In order to receive coverage for these common situations, you must opt for the extra coverage. Sewer backup coverage will not only provide you with coverage against the damages, but it will also provide you with loss of use coverage so that you receive reimbursement for your temporary living arrangements. Without this form of coverage, you leave your home susceptible to costly water and mold damage.

While you may be inclined to think that this extra coverage is unnecessary, gathered is a list of common causes of sewer backup to convince you otherwise:

  • Do you know the longevity of your sewer systems? Chances are, your home is operating on sewer lines of 30 plus years. Therefore, you must keep your aging sewer systems in mind.
  • Many storm water pipelines and raw sewage pipelines were constructed to be as one. During heavy rains however, this proves to be consequential. However, you have no knowledge if your sewage lines have been combined with storm water pipelines, meaning your home may be vulnerable.
  • Often, sewage backup occurs when the roots of trees or other plants become embedded in the cracks of sewer lines. You have no control over the growing roots of trees, making this a common problem.
  • As a homeowner, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sewer lateral which connects your home’s pipelines with the city sanitary sewer main. Many homeowners are unaware of this responsibility, causing problems when tree roots fill the cracks.

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