Must-Knows Regarding Personal Watercraft Activities

Elmira Personal Watercraft Insurance

While jumping waves and gliding along the water in a personal watercraft is extremely enjoyable, there are increased dangers that come hand in hand with this summer activity. In order to ensure that your summer fun is memorable for the right reasons, you must follow the basic safety guidelines. Compiled is a list of “must-knows” when it comes to personal watercrafts:

Emergency Items you Should Always Have on Your Personal Watercraft:

  • In case you need to call for help, you should have a marine radio on board.
  • Each personal watercraft should hold proof of insurance.
  • Each personal watercraft should also have a compass on board.
  • You will want to have a signaling device on your personal watercraft. You can choose to have a flare kit on board or a whistle.
  • Emergency situations may require that you have a flashlight, so always have one on board.
  • It is smart to have a map of the body of water you will be riding on.

Personal Watercraft Safety Tips:

  • To avoid running out of gasoline, be sure to stick to the rule: 1/3 Going Out, 1/3 Coming Back, 1/3 Reserve
  • If you will be riding with a passenger, be sure to have them sit on the designated seat.
  • Every single person on the personal watercraft should be wearing a personal flotation device.
  • As a rider of a personal watercraft, you do not have the right of way. Therefore, be extra cautious in sharing the waters with others.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings so that you don’t become lost.
  • Most importantly, keep a careful eye out for other boats, skiers, and any other hazards.

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