Tips for Remaining Safe During Hunting Season

Elmira Hunting Season and Safety

As we prepare to welcome hunting season, it is important that hunters, non-hunters, bikers, campers, hikers, and anyone else that loves the great outdoors remains safe during hunting season. Whether you are the one hunting or not, it is imperative that you follow the basic hunting safety, driving safety, and ATV safety precautions. Gathered are some safety tips to get you through the season:

  • Just because hunting season is here does not mean you have to refrain from enjoying the outdoors. Suit up in your hunter blaze orange vest and head out! Make sure to match with your furry friend if they will be accompanying you on your hike. It is important that you increase visibility so that hunters can see and avoid you.
  • It is crucial that non-hunters identify exactly where hunting activities take place in their area so that they can always be aware and cautious.
  • If you will be driving your ATV through the trails, be sure to follow basic ATV safety procedures and be suited in your hunter blaze orange attire. You will also want to keep an extra close eye for dear crossing as to not hit one in your path.
  • If you will be hiking the trails where hunters are present, be sure to make noise so that they know you are around. However, once a hunter becomes aware that you are present, be courteous and do not make any unnecessary sounds that could disturb their target. You should raise your voice and inform the hunter you are present if you do hear shooting.
  • All hunters should be certified to ensure safety.
  • There are a few basic rules when it comes to hunting safety that involve firearms that each hunter must follow. It is important that each firearm is treated as if it loaded and never point the gun at anything that is not a target. Likewise, always confirm your target before putting your finger on the trigger.
  • Most importantly, always practice common sense safety procedures. If you will be hunting or entering a hunting zone, be sure to inform someone so that they can find you in an emergency situation. Likewise, you should always have a first aid kit on you, as well as food and water.

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