Tips for Caring for Your Aging Parents

Elmira Elderly Care and Insurance

If you are one of the many individuals caring for their elderly parents, we commend you! This is often a difficult transition because our parents aren’t used to being cared for by their children and their children aren’t used to caring for their parents. There are a variety of factors necessary for consideration when it comes to caring for the elderly, including the insurance implications. Keep this helpful information in mind to ease the transition:

If your parent or loved one’s driving skills are starting to become a little shaky, it’s time to have the talk. Keep in mind that this person has been driving for the majority of their life and will not be happy when this right is taken from them. Therefore, approach appropriately and with caution.

You will want to begin by gathering a few close friends and relatives to discuss the loved one’s driving impairment. This is best done by showing concern, rather than being accusatory. With a group of loved ones present, you will have support if the elderly individual in question is in denial.

If you plan an alternative transportation schedule for them, they will be less inclined to feel attacked or embarrassed. If possible, rather than tossing them on public transportation, arrange for family members or neighbors to pick them up and drop them off.

If your loved one is still denying that they are having difficulty driving, arrange for them to take a vision and driving test at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. If they fail either part of the test, their license will be revoked immediately, making your job easier. If they pass, then they are free to drive. However, you will want to arrange a retest every six months.

Most importantly, be understanding of the situation at hand. This is always a difficult transition and must be handled with love and care.

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