Public Firework Safety Tips & Risk Management

Elmira 4th of July

Celebration of the 4th of July comes hand in hand with firework shows. Fireworks are associated with Independence Day because of John Adams’ wish after the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. He hoped that everyone would celebrate the holiday with fireworks. As a business owner, it is critical to match the competition and have 4th of July festivities of some sort. Having a firework show is an amazing way to invite locals in to enjoy your products and services while celebrating Independence Day. Take these risk management measures into consideration to ensure that your fireworks display is one for the books:

  • Always go with a professional fireworks display operator who is certified in firework displays and has completed all necessary training programs. Never try to do an in-house display.
  • Your typical business insurance policy will exclude coverage of fireworks. Therefore, it is crucial that you obtain the necessary insurance or add yourself as an additional insured under the operator’s insurance policy.
  • Typically, there is a long, tedious process to get your permit approved. Start planning ahead early and get approved as soon as possible.
  • Map your site with the professional. Your display site must have open space so that there is a fallout area for fireworks. There should be no spectators, combustibles, or vehicles in your fallout area. There are a variety of other requirements including a minimum distance from the launch area to spectators. Each site requires unique planning and considerations.
  • You’ll need to hire spotters to determine if any weather conditions require a change in the fallout space.
  • After the firework show, it is important that you prohibit any spectators from entering the fallout area. This area can be just as dangerous as the actual event.

Perry & Carroll wishes you a Happy 4th of July and encourage you to celebrate sensibly! Contact us today for all of your personal and commercial New York insurance needs.