Driving Tips for Parents with New Teen Drivers

Teach your teen good driving habits with these tips.

Driving Tips for Parents with New Teen Drivers

As a parent, you may be feeling equally anxious and excited about your teen getting behind the wheel. At last, you won’t have to drive them all over the place, but the thought of them driving could fill you with dread. As an adult, you understand just how dangerous the roads can be. Teenagers may not fully comprehend the dangers of the road and are more focused on their newfound freedom than they are about safety. To help, we’ve rounded up some important tips for parents with new teen drivers.

Explain the consequences. Ensure your child knows that even one moment of taking their hands, eyes, or attention away from the road can result in accidents and fatalities. Let them know that driving can be dangerous and great care should always be taken when operating a vehicle.

Establish rules. Now is the time to build their confidence on the road. Until they feel comfortable, it’s a good idea to postpone nighttime driving. In New York, junior drivers are not allowed to carry more than 1 passenger under the age of 21 unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a certified driving instructor.There is an exception to this law if the passengers under the age of 21 are immediate family members. Safety experts recommend that newly licensed teenage drivers do not transport teenage passengers for the first 1,000 miles, or 6months, of unsupervised driving.

Lead by example. Children follow your lead. Your teenager could pick up your bad driving habits if you aren’t careful. Ensure that you are a cautious driver, stick to the rules of the road, and eliminate all distractions when behind the wheel. If your teen sees you driving safely, they will be more inclined to follow suit.

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