Safeguard Your Business With Cyber Liability Insurance

Business Owners and Cyber Liability InsuranceBust Your Risk Of Breach With This Coverage

Business owners spend countless hours worrying about their worst-case scenarios and planning to both prevent and handle them. As technology changes our world, those scenarios look different than they did ten—or even just a few—years ago.

Today, cyber security should be a top priority for businesses. A breach of your system can lead you to court battles yielding significant legal expenses, pricey fines levies, and the tarnishing of your business’s good name.

Fortunately, cyber liability insurance can enable your business to execute a first-party response and third-party defense without significant expense. Your first-party response covers forensics services to determine the root and extent of the breach, communication to your database about the information that was compromised, public relations to restore your company’s image, and business interruption expenses. Third-party defense will cover your legal expenses, judgments levied against you, and eliminate your electronic media liability (e.g. copyright or trademark infringement). Do not leave your business exposed to the financial burden of rebuilding after a cyber attack; secure cyber liability insurance today.

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