Avoid These 3 Winter Home Hazards

Winter Dangers & Homeowners Insurance Elmira, NYIce can take many forms in the winter which could be hazardous to you and your home.

Winter puts a lot of stress on both your home’s interior and exterior. If your home is not prepared for the winter months, it could end up costing you more than a chilly night in your bed. Avoid these 3 winter home hazards that could affect you.

  1. Roof Leaks and Ice Dams

The expansion and melting of ice throughout the winter inflicts major stress on your roof. Snow, wind, sleet, or hail can contribute to the repeated punishment that your roof is exposed to. It’s important to have your roof inspected regularly to catch any damages which may be costly to repair down the road.

  1. Frozen Pipes

Water expands when it turns to ice. If you don’t have your pipes checked before each winter, your pipes could end up bursting if the temperature drops suddenly. Pipes without proper insulation can lead to cracks and leaks which could flood your kitchen, bathroom, or even basement.

  1. Broken Heater

Using your heating system to keep your house warm throughout the Winter can be quite distressful for the machine. If it’s not used to the extra work, it could go out which could leave you in trouble come next winter. To give your heating system a break, lower the temperature to 60 degrees when you’re not home.

Before winter hits again, take a close look at your home insurance policy to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. Contact the independent insurance professionals Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your homeowners insurance coverage needs this season.