Protecting Your Business’ Outdoor Areas

Little Things That Cost Your Business Big

How are you protecting your business outside?

Many business owners are concerned with protecting their business from the indoors out. However, protecting your business from the outside first will minimize the risk of theft or damage to the inside. It makes sense, right? For your business, it’s important to protect your outside property as well as the interior equipment, documents, and other important items.

Below are a few items that are outside your office that you should consider covering:

Offsite equipment: Does your business have expensive equipment? Items such as a sound system or machinery are often transported to jobs offsite and should be insured in case of damage or theft.

Outdoor property: You may have some property that you always store outdoors and would cost more to replace than your business owner’s policy could cover. Everything from your satellite dish to fencing to the antennae can be covered. This coverage can also help to cover the expenses associated with heaters, tables, and chairs from perils.

Landscaping: Your outdoor area may be complete with a rock garden, succulent garden, trees, and water features. Protecting your investment to this area is just as important as protecting your tables and chairs. These items can be protected against theft, vandalism, and certain storm damage.

Exterior signs: You may want to consider adding these items to your business owner’s policy to ensure that if they are damaged in a storm or another listed peril, they can be repaired and replaced.

The best way to protect your property is to secure your premises. Lock everything up each night, install security cameras, and add extra lights where and when you can. These elements strongly deter thieves from entering the property, let alone vandalizing or stealing from it.

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