How to Reduce the Risks to Your Commercial Vehicles

If you can learn to reduce the risk to your business vehicles, you can avoid making claims to keep your insurance premium nice and low. 

It doesn’t matter if you drive your personal vehicle down the street for business meetings or if one of your many commercial vehicles needs to transport something from coast to coast, you need commercial auto insurance to help protect your business in the event of an accident. Here are a few rules your drivers need to follow in order to reduce the risks to your commercial vehicles.

  • Mandatory seat belt use. Seat belts prevented fatalities and injuries since their existence. No excuse not to wear one.
  • No cellphones when they drive. Phones cause distractions and distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents. Prohibit your drivers from taking calls or texting while they drive (this should go for the personal use of their auto, too).
  • Lock the vehicle at all times. No matter how brief your employees will be away from the car, they need to lock it at all times. Ideally, they should park the vehicle in a well-lit spot to deter would-be-criminals.

The right commercial auto insurance can protect you from traffic accidents, but it’s best if your drivers do all they can to avoid accidents in the first place. Contact insurance experts Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your car insurance coverage needs.